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Believing and supporting our youth and women, the Kimberly K. Gallow Foundation aims to inform, influence and inspire individuals through programming and mentoring. 

With an emphasis and focus on education we elevate the minds of youth to think and dream big. 

The Kimberly K. Gallow Foundation was created in 2020 right before the pandemic with a purpose to connect students with business leaders. Initially launching the Let Her Rise Program in the summer of 2020 virtually, the foundation is growing into being a multipurpose non-profit centered around supporting and advocating for youth and women in education. 

In 2022, we have launched new programs, workshops and service opportunities for supporters and participants. We look forward to having your support and prayers as we move forward into 2023.



Our 2023 advisory board is a volunteer group formed to give advice and support. The 2023 advisory board is the first since the launch of the non-profit and we are thankful for their prayers, insight and on-going dialogue to assist us with enhancing the experiences of those who are impacted by our mission.

Advisory Board Anchor

Alexis Moses

Advisory Board Member


Calvary D. Sampson, LPC

Advisory Board Member


Kawana Tolliver, M.Ed

Advisory Board Member

lakeitha .jpeg

Dr. LaKeitha Poole, LPC

Advisory Board Member

Maya 3a.jpg

Dr. Maya Fernandez

Advisory Board Member

maya jones.jpeg

Maya Jones

Advisory Board Member

(2020 Scholarship Recipient)


Thank You!

2023 Donors

Tracy Darbonne

Breigh Nesbitt

Jennifer Tolliver

Zay Peebles

Kwame Terra

Rick Gallot

Kawana Tolliver

Kennedy Leigh

Alexis Moses

Calvary Sampson

David Warner

Jhirkayla Clark

2022 Donors

Geaux Girl Giving

Brittney Alexander

Stephen Llorens

Meagan Walker

Corey Jack

Johnesha Lyons

Brittany Broussard

Alexis Moses

Hallie Rogers

Vincent Turner

Bianca Moore

Ann Macdonald

Hailey Macdonald

Dr. Ashley Baker

Dr. Alisha Reed

2020 & 2021 Donors

Jen Fry, LLC

KKG & Co.

David Narcisse

Chaun Hubbard

Dr. Maya Fernandez

Janitza Vasquez

Hailey Macdonald

Zondra Spikes

Hannah Amato

Lakeisha Jefferson

Carrie Gallow-Clark

Marquetta Vital

Domonique Weaver

TJ Gorham

Kawana Tolliver

Ladestiny Gibson

Asian Anthony

Melanie Sherron

Brittany Broussard

Keona Reliford

Fay Young

Greg Burke

Jimmy Gallow

Alexis Moses

Vicki Kelner

Randi Washington

Bralyn Simmons

Linda Page

Alejandro Perkins

Tiara Smith

Michelle George

Antoinetta Grant-Scott

Jim Henderson

Antoinette Parker

Tevon Blair

Karen King

Jessica Choyce

Stazhia Pleasant-Washington

Jae Jones

Erin Dupree

Marcus Sanders

Jhirkayla Clark

Becky Stephens

Teriana Pierre

Charles Carter, Jr.

Mariyo Payne

Nikki Ceasar-Small

Kaylon Benjamin

Donor Anchor
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