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Let Her Rise Program - Summer 2020


Date: September 16, 2020


Contact: Kimberly K. Gallow, Founder

(337) 224-2711

Inaugural Let Her Rise Program Gave Six Graduating Seniors Major Jump Start Before Attending College This Fall

(New Orleans, LA – September 16, 2020) The Kimberly K. Gallow Foundation hosted its first virtual summer program for young women who recently graduated from high school this past summer – the Let Her Rise program. Over $1,500 was raised for the program during a birthday fundraiser hosted by Founder, Kimberly K. Gallow and an additional $1,500 was given to the foundation by Founder of JenFryTalks, Jen Fry in memory of her late mother, Carol Fry.

For this first cohort, there were more than 20 applicants who applied for a spot in the Let Her Rise program but only six were selected. Participants then engaged in an eight-week virtual program that focused on college readiness, how to achieve and maintain academic success, and how to maintain a social and spiritual life while in school.

After introductions with Gallow in the first week, the new graduates looked forward to discussing mental health with counselor Calvary Rumley in week two, academic success with Dr. Ashley Baker in week three, relationships with Lawanda Smith in week four, college involvement with Dr. Nikki Ceasar Small in week five, getting advice from current college students from Northwestern State University, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Xavier University of Louisiana, and Louisiana State University in week six. For the final two weeks, the participants heard from motivational speakers and community organizers Khadija Nimrod, Erin Washington, and Jasmine Brown about spirituality and finally motivational speaker and KNEK Magic 104.7 Host, Tonya Bolden-Ball. Following the Let Her Rise program, the six participants were matched with mentors who can help guide them in their academic journey which include the following programs: Biology/Pre-Med, Economics/History, Radiation Technology, Electrical Engineering, and Criminal Justice. Of the six program participants, Let Her Rise awarded Maya Jones a $500 scholarship to attend Southern University of Louisiana. When asked about her cohort experience with Let Her Rise, Maya said, “The Let Her Rise Program has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. One of the many lessons I’ve learned is how important it is to keep God at the center and to take care of myself. Whenever God is at the center, my relationships, my academic success, and my mental health will all fall into place. Mistakes are inevitable in life, but if I truly live out a Christian life then the road won’t be as rough - especially in relationships. It’s important to take care of myself because I cannot love another person if I don’t love myself, I cannot maintain my grades if I’m not in the right headspace, and I cannot have a good mental health without taking care of myself. Lastly, I’ve learned how important sisterhood and mentoring is. I’m still anxious about college, but this program has definitely lifted some weight off my shoulders. I feel much calmer knowing that I will already have 2 friends at Southern & 5 friends for a lifetime.” The KKG Foundation would like to thank all donors, participants, mentors and presenters for their support, time, energy and effort in ensuring the inaugural program was a success. For more information or to learn how to contribute to the Let Her Rise Program, please visit About the Kimberly K. Gallow Foundation’s Let Her Rise: Program Founder, Kimberly K. Gallow, launched Let Her Rise in May 2020 through her Kimberly K. Gallow (KKG) Foundation with one of her core missions in mind: Believing and supporting our youth, the KKG Foundation aims to inform, influence, and inspire individuals through educational programming and mentoring. The Let Her Rise Program is a spiritually-led mentoring program dedicated to young women who are graduating seniors in high school and plan to attend a two or four year college or university in Louisiana. Participants will engage in an eight-week virtual program that will focus on college readiness, how to achieve and maintain academic success, and maintaining a social and spiritual life while in school. The program is designed to allow students to connect with others with the expectation to engage further outside of the learning environment with an assigned mentor. Participants will meet higher education professionals, psychologists and mental health professionals, and learn from current college students across the state who will also share their experiences.

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